Mind-Body Detective Series

Where Mind and Matter Meet
The Mind-Body Connection
The Biology of Stress - and how it affects our health.

We are all different!
How we see things. What we belive. The strategies we have learned - all help us deal with our problems, our thoughts and our feelings!
They are all part of the bigger picture and integral to how our mind and our body interprets how we see things.

Stress can be a result of our experiences, our environment and how our mind and body is interpreting all of that.
  1. Auto-Immunity
    The Immune system is a complex collection of systems that are always responding imminently to any perceived threat or invasion. As such, it functions through multiple different cell and organ types - from skin, blood and lymphatics, to the gut and endocrine glands.
  2. Scoliosis
    The only allopathic treatments that are available for Scoliosis, are physical interventions - such as ‘bracing’ or surgery, with the treatment provided depending upon the severity and stability of the condition for each individual.
  3. Musculoskeletal System
    A video of the discussion panel at the 2017 IMMA Meta Health Conference, looking into the relationship with musculoskeletal issues and the mind-body connection. Some lovely examples of case studies that have had their lives changed through these processes.
  4. EFT & Being Specific
    Being specific about our stress is THE KEY to uncovering what may be making, or keeping us unhealthy or unhappy; similarly, it is the beginning of the work that can completely change our lives... An article published by IMMA written by Craig Weiner & Alina Frank
  5. Sun Charged Water
    Abuna Semai is an introspective researcher and teacher of consciousness. He is fascinated by life energy, and leads workshops in sun-gazing and in nutrition by light. Here he shares about how to get more energy! Video published on the online IMMA Meta Health Magazine
  6. Online self-Help
    A Mind-Body Detective approach to working with thyroid disorders. Providing the tools, techniques and understandings of the Mind-Body Detective to look at the root cause of your thyroid issues. Sign up to watch a video introduction on "The 3 Keys to Thyroid dysfunction"