1. "Although I have been on levothyroxine since my diagnosis I have never felt satisfied that the medication relieved me of the symptoms even if my TSH was ok."
    AFTER 10 SESSIONS: "I have seen improvement in my condition, and with my doctors approval was able to lower my levothyroxine from 75mg to 50mg"
  2. "I honestly hardly recognise myself since I started working with Deborah...a total mixture of cosmic insight & practical power..."
    "Deborah immediately puts you at ease and lets you work at your own pace. I commenced these sessions with hope and high expectations and have not been disappointed. I am also learning to be me, stand in my own power and feel more comfortable with myself."
  3. "Deborah's intelligence & intuition are quite remarkable & really took me deep into some intuitive questions that didn't assume anything & didn't read into anything"
    "Although it has been primarily for my under active thyroid, it became obvious at an early stage that other things in my life - especially my childhood - had affected my condition and as these were addressed I have improved."