Root Cause Analysis
​Meta Health
  1. A Complete Mind-Body-Emotion Analysis. Looking at the heart of emotional and psychological trauma and how our thoughts and beliefs inform biological function. These traumas can big 'T' traumas - that have caused significant PTSD type symptoms, or they may be small 'T' traumas that none-the-less cause us long term and ongoing stress that can impair our overall health. This Analysis is helpful as a stand alone point of reference if you would like to take your learning to other therapists or Energy Workers, or pursue your own Healing or Energy Work. This analysis is required before committing to either the 6 or 3 Month Energy-Psychology Package (above). 1 x M-H-A Requires your Complete Medical History & a 5 hour One-to-One Session. You will receive a Personal Action Plan to take with you to further your own healing work.
A Meta Health Analysis
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