3 Keys to Healthy Change
Functional Testing
Nutritional Support
Mind-Body-Emotional Root Cause

Functional Testing is the first step to identifying what is really going on in your body at this time! It will help us to identify where we need to increase nutritional support.

Nutritional Support & eating healthful Foods is essential - and an integral component to evolving our health! ​"Let food be thy medicine" is the first edict of a truly holistic & complete health regime. It is also an aspect of controling your own health that is within your personal power!

Mind Body Emotional Root Causes are some of the most important aspects for us to work with to make changes to our health. A body in stress is not resourced to be able to go through a deep and complete healing.

Together, we will set the ground-work and prepare the body to undergo the release of old traumas and toxic habits - whether that be food-based habits, or emotional habits, or old unhelpful thinking patterns that are making us sick!

We can build a bespoke package tailored to support you as we address the key emotional and psychological root causes of your thyroid dysfunction, building your personal resilience through the addition of nutritional support.

If you would like to work through the 3 Keys to transform your health - contact me now:

  • Functional Testing
  • Nutritional Support
  • Mind-Body-Emotional Root Cause