The Diaries of Becoming Free
A Shared Journey
Living with a Hypothyroid disorder is life changing!
For me, it was also isolating - particularly as a mother. I found it difficult to open up and discuss how I felt or what was happening to me.
Now I am hypothyroid free - officially euthyroid - and I feel blessed because my experiences have taught me the road to self-empowerment and positive action. 

This website is aimed to share tips for self-help in all areas thyroid - particularly in the areas of energy-psychology and energy healing.
It is a personal log of my own journey and experiences.
Both my experiences and memories of living with hypothryroidism and my journey to recovery.
I hope this site will be a reference for those who have, or have had a hypothyroid disorder; to support and encourage you on your individual journey - at whatever point you are currently at.
Light Blessings to you.
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The Essence of Sound
Heart Healing
The throat and our voice is an aspect of the energy that is disrupted with thyroid disorders. Finding our voices is not only an aspect of finding oneself, but also of personal creativity and expression.
Love and the Heart as the essence of all healing:
Facilitated Trainings
Facilitated Heart Field Resonance - GCI (Global Coherance Initiative) Ambassador