An Online,  Fully-Supported,  Self-Help Program
The Butterfly Wings Program
A Multi Level group that will help you to understand the root causes of your hypothyroid disease and give you the tools, support and experience to begin your own journey to becoming hypothyroidfree...

Who will benefit from this program?


  • Feel as though your health isn't fragmented into 'seperate parts', even though your doctor treats your body that way
  • Believe that your body is trying to tell you something important
  • Feel that it is time to start to take notice of your symptoms and DO SOMETHING positive about them
  • Feel that there is a greater purpose to everything that is happening in your life, but can't quite get to understand what it is... 
  • Believe that your Thoughts and Beliefs are the most powerful tools at your disposal, and want to learn proven energy techniques that will allow you to utilise them better
  • Instinctively know that your mind, body, emotions are inextricably interlinked with your health
  • Want to understand what emotional or life events may have caused your personal disease process to start,
  • Believe that your body has the innate power to truly self-heal
  • Have the will-power to make changes, but need the support of a specialist
  • Don't have the will-power, but know you want to make those changes, you may need others to help support you until you find your own inner strength

If this Sounds familiar - this program may benefit you!

The Butterfly Wings Program
Not like other THYROID programs!

This Program will help you to look at your thyroid symptoms as a whole, in relationship to your whole Mind-Body-Spirit

It will help you begin to work through your individual symptoms and start to help you to understand the true root causes of your thyroid dysfunction

​As you begin to understand the power of your mind and emotions, you will begin to learn that you can change the patterns that may have been keeping you unwell.





  • The Themes around the ‘root cause’ of hypothyroidism​
  • The Thoughts and Beliefs that may be keeping your body in a hypothyroid state
  • How these will be affecting all aspects of your life: your mind, body, emotions, social, connections, lifestyle and beliefs about yourself and your health
  • How to identify and recognise the individual stresses and/or traumas that may have caused your personal disease process to start, and what is continuing to keep it in place
  • How to set yourself free from the limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions that are making you unwell
  • Specific Energy techniques to help identify how and where you are carrying the stresses and traumas associated with your hypothyroid disease
  • Energy-Psychology Tools to help you on your journey of self-healing and rebalance
  • How to use these tools on yourself and others
  • Techniques that you can use at any time and in any place - without gimicks or having to rely on bulky tools or other people: These are free and available to you - because YOU ARE THE TOOL!
  • Support and direction as you begin your own healing journey through the online classes
  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions (optional) to help you 'drill-down' into your own personal stresses and events that may be at the root cause of your thyroid dysfunction
  • Access to others who are also on the same journey - they know where you are at and can also  assist you in  your own work
  • Access to a  support group
  • 24/7 access to a bespoke online training site, where you can go over key points or re-watch videos and access other support materials
  • Motivational Hints and Tips on how to move forwards with your journey

"Understanding the Root Cause of Thyroid Dysfunction"
Using the 8 Milestones

The video below provides a simple introduction to who I am and my personal history, along with the basic principles upon which the Butterfly Wings Program is built.

The thing which sets this program appart is that it is not simply another program that looks at Gut health, nutrition and other protocols currently being used in thyroid care, but it also looks at and addresses how we may change the root causes of our thyroid dysfunction, through addressing how we think and how we feel. We will look at the main mental and emotional 'stresses' that affect thyroid function, and work with tools and techniques that will help you to overcome those stresses. 

These are the tools and techniques that I have used personally, and which have changed my health, and reversed my 20 year hypothyroid state.
​This is my way of opening up that journey of becoming hypothyroid free to anyone else who feels that there is another way to address their health.
Time Investment
This is a 4 month program with a weekly online hourly meeting.
Running 3 times annually begining:
September / January / May

Alternative weeks we will meet, live online for either the 'Power Hour' or the 'Energy Hour'.
The Power Hour will look at the mind-body-emotional themes and the specific stresses which affect the thyroid.
The Energy Hour will teach you the energy tools and techniques that will allow us to address those mind-body-emotion themes and stresses and change them on a deep level.

Financial Investment
The Monthly Investment for
the complete program is £90.00pcm
the program excluding the Power Hour is £50.00pcm
the program excluding the Energy Hour is £50.00pcm

Joining the Complete Program you receive:
1 hour online guided program, held live each week with Deborah
Access to a bespoke training platform with further videos and resources
Access to 24/7 Replay of the weekly program recordings (via the training platform)
A personal 1-2-1 coaching session with Deborah - 20 minutes each month
Possibility to increase 1-2-1 coaching time with Deborah at an 'in-programe' discounted rate

If you would like to join the next upcoming
Butterfly Wings Program
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