About Deborah
Deborah Wiggins-Hay
I am so excited to be able to share with you the journey and insights of my experiences of becoming, being and overcoming Hypothroidism.
Two pieces of great news that I would like to share are:
Firstly, that after 20 years, I am officially Euthyroid (so my endocrinologist says!)
Secondly, that if I am able to do this - then anyone can!
Why would I say that?
Many might suggest that my 'recovery' is one of those miraculous examples of 'automatic healing' or 'spontaneous healing'.
If it had occured completely randomly, I might have agreed.
However, I set off on a journey of healing and self-discovery in 2011 that led me to discovering the new tools and techniques that have unveiled the mysteries that were at the root cause of my illness. This is not magic, nor mere fancy. The blood tests can attest to that. 
This 'healing' is simply the outcome of discovering the underlying causes of my disorder, and releasing the repeating 'stresses' that my body was experiencing in order to allow it to do what it always wanted to do naturally! To rebalance itself and to find the state of homeostasis that is the natural state of healing for the biological body.
I feel blessed because my experiences, good and bad, have taught me the road to self-empowerment and positive action.  
It has taught me how to move from Survive to Thrive!
Below is a Video Testimonial from Sam Thorpe, that describes the process of healing she experienced after a session with me.

As a Master Meta Health Trainer, Sam is able to talk clearly & fluently about the healing process and the healing peak, with an beautiful description on the energy shifts in relation to the themes we worked on

Addressing the issues around the balance of masculine & feminine energy, we used my Unity Conscious Technique to clear and rebalance through the 12 chakras & the breath.

This is a technique I cover and teach through my training program currently entitled 'The 12 Strand Series'.
"Although I have been on levothyroxine since my diagnosis I have never felt satisfied that the medication relieved me of the symptoms even if my TSH was ok."

"I have seen improvement in my condition, and with my doctors approval was able to lower my levothyroxine from 75mg to 50mg"
N.M (Retired female)

"I honestly hardly recognise myself since I started working with Deborah...a total mixture of cosmic insight & practical power..."
A.H (Working Mother)

"Deborah immediately puts you at ease and lets you work at your own pace.
I commenced these sessions with hope and high expectations and have not been disappointed.
I am also learning to be me, stand in my own power and feel more comfortable with myself"
A.C (Single Female)

"Although it has been primarily for my under active thyroid, it became obvious at an early stage that other things in my life - especially my childhood - had affected my condition and as these were addressed I have improved."
Anonimous (Adult Male)

"Deborah's intelligence & intuition are quite remarkable & really took me deep into some intuitive questions that didn't assume anything & didn't read into anything"
​Sam Thorpe (Practitioner & creator of A Conscious Health Practice)

"Deborah's intelligence & intuition are quite remarkable & really took me deep into some intuitive questions that didn't assume anything & didn't read into anything"